What We Do

Solve problems and delivers results. The first company of its kind to pioneer what’s possible through the convergence of analytics, digital commerce, customer experience, and full-service commerce offerings.

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Commerce, maximizing revenue and delivering engaging shopping experiences.

Designing and Building a World-Class Site to Deliver ROI

Through integrated capabilities and unparalleled expertise, Business Trend Solutions makes content and digital commerce more effective for your organization. As your strategic partner, we improve the customer journey with insights from analytics and lift key metrics by conversion testing the entire online presence..


Digital Strategy, the path to seamlessness.

Digital Transformations seem big and scary. But with the right partner, they yield massive operational improvements.

At the height of a Digital Transformation your business is squeezing maximum value out of existing digital tools. The business also knows how to insert up-and-coming tools into its ecosystem without disruptions. Alignment between tools and processes start to resonate across your organization and you no longer struggle to keep your digital efforts in check. Your Digital Ecosystem becomes a true effort multiplier—now and for the future.


Research and Analysis

Experience Design, when digital “just works right”

Effective interfaces work best when they are rooted in data and behavioral science. Without analytical groundwork, important decisions may default to personal opinions. We follow a User-Centered approach to identify the user landscape, individual user journeys, and how digital interactions cross over into other channels. The ultimate goal is to create edge-to-edge predictability where user interactions seamlessly move from one channel to another without surprises or disruptions. Behavioral and quantitative testing are tightly coupled throughout the design process allowing us to quickly uncover critical paths, drop-offs, and unmet user expectations. Our Analytics team is fully engaged throughout the design process and works to define and activate KPIs — putting the project on a continual improvement path.


Analytics & Optimization, analyze the past and define the future.

Data Strategy

Data integrity is the foundation of any digital analytics program. Without access to reliable data, decisions default to intuition. We use a combination of measurement strategy sessions and data audits to verify that the right metrics are identified and tracked correctly. To ensure your goals are reached, we document business requirements and correlate those metrics with analytics variables in a custom solution design reference. Our experience shows strong analytics foundations facilitate trust in the data, support analytical inferences, and positively influence the outcome.

Measurement Strategy
Define success and measurement across channels

Data + Tool Audit
Evaluate data integrity and tool functionality

Business Requirements
Align business needs with project objectives

Solution Design
Map key metrics to the variables in your analytics solution


Reach Thousands Of Visitors

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